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Apeluca Tabletop Grill

Apeluca Tabletop Grill

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The lid of the grill itself can be used as a wood board when the grill is in use.
The space between the table and the wood board allows you to use the grill without worrying about the heat radiating to the table. The rubber legs prevent slipping and allow stable cooking.

The catch pan catches dripping oil and ash. It is easy to put in and out with the knob. Made of stainless steel, it can be washed with a scrubbing brush.

The main body also has an air intake port, so when using charcoal, air can be taken in to increase the heat.

Internal dimensions of charcoal basket: approx. 15 cm (diameter) x 8 cm (depth)

*Cut charcoal of approx. 8 cm (diameter) is recommended.

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